Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Miss Betty Woodpecker

Miss Betty Woodpecker is the best lawyer because the way she talks is similar to a machine gun. Her talking is as loud too. She can scold ten children with perfect pronounciation in one minute. That is why she is nicknamed Woodpecker.  Her mouth is shaped like a beak and most of all, she owns a pet woodpecker.

Done by: 
Dominic, Elgin and Gi Joo


  1. "Her mouth is shaped like a beak, and most of all..."

    Review this sentence for run-on sentences.

    This may be a run-on sentence. Consider adding a comma before the coordinating conjunction “and”. When two independent clauses are joined by a coordinating conjunction (e.g. "and", "but", "or", "so"), there must be a comma before the conjunction, or it will be a run-on sentence. Clearly identify the conjunction in the sentence with two independent clauses and insert a comma before the conjunction. Incorrect: Matthew went to the library and I headed back to the science lab.

    The two clauses, “Matthew went to the library” and “I headed back to the science lab”, are independent; a comma should be inserted before “and”. Incorrect: The wind was brisk but the sun was strong.
    The two clauses, “the wind was brisk” and “the sun was strong”, are independent; there should be a comma before “but”. Correct: The man’s business was failing, so he was searching for alternative income.
    The two clauses, “the man’s business was failing” and “he was searching for alternative income”, are independent. The co-ordinating conjunction, “so” requires a comma before it.
    Suggested correction:and, and

  2. "pronounciation"

    Suggested corrections: