Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Dear students,

Thank you for your attendance in Term 1. EL support classes will be conducted differently in Term 2. It will be on a consultation basis.

Hence, there will be no official session today.

Ms Alex

Monday, 10 March 2014

No EL Support Class this week

In view of Celebrations @ SST that will involve quite a few students and teachers, there will be no EL Support class this week.

Do continue to read widely over the one week break and revise the content that was covered during Term 1.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Miss Betty Woodpecker

If you don't know her, she is quite small. She loves worms, but hates it when they hide in the trees. So Miss Betty has to peck,peck and peck to get the worm. Her pecking makes so much noise that everyone hates it. Her feathers are so colourful that she is like a peacock. She loves to say 'peck!peck!peck!'

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mr Squidhead

Mr Squidhead is a funny-looking man who was often bullied his colleagues and has been trying to hide his face by using make-ups.He has been desperately trying to find a way to make him look smarter and more handsome.Despite his looks ,he was a very hardworking and smart man ,whenever he meets a problem he would always think that every problem has a solution and he would find a solution ,even his boss was inspired by his determination.Many people makes fun of him ,but more of them respects and was inspired by him.


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mr Squidhead

Mr Squidhead always gets things done wrongly. He always has a bad habit of wearing his spectacle upside down. Every morning, he wakes up with a bunch of messy hair and always trips over his cupboard even if its always there. No wonder his name is Mr Squidhead.

By: Jaryl Chan

Mr Squidhead

Mr Squidhead was a fussy fisherman. He smelled like raw seafood. He hunted squids with his barnacle covered ship. He could have retired,but he did not want to,and his customers had the same thought. His scaly arms were rough and unpleasant to see. But everybody seemed to like him more than me. If you have never seen him before, go to the coast and if you see a ship called 'Barnacles' gliding around, you know he is here.

Miss Betty Woodpecker

Miss Betty Woodpecker is the best lawyer because the way she talks is similar to a machine gun. Her talking is as loud too. She can scold ten children with perfect pronounciation in one minute. That is why she is nicknamed Woodpecker.  Her mouth is shaped like a beak and most of all, she owns a pet woodpecker.

Done by: 
Dominic, Elgin and Gi Joo